Can I Play My Hero Ultra Rumble with Friends on Different Devices? Let’s Team up To Fight Bad Guys!

ThereformedgamersThe battle royale game My Hero Ultra Rumble takes place in the world of My Hero Academia. You pick from a list of well-known heroes and baddies and then fight other players to see whose team is left standing.

PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and Steam are all places where you can play My Hero Ultra Rumble. It’s a good question whether or not My Hero Ultra Rumble can be played in more than one place.

Is My Hero Ultra Rumble Cross Play?

Can I Play My Hero Ultra Rumble with Friends on Different Devices?

There’s some bad news here, though. My Hero Ultra Rumble might be playable on more than one platform, but right now you can’t play with other people on different systems. All in-game matches take place on their platforms. This means that each platform has its own set of players, and the matches are played on those platforms.

Crossplay hasn’t been updated in a while, so players are stuck on their platforms and can only play with friends who are also on the same platform. Read our list of the best horror games if you want to play something even scary.

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Does My Hero Ultra Rumble Have Cross Progression?

Cross-progression is Not Possible in My Hero Ultra Rumble, Which Is a Shame. You Will Have to Start Over on The New Platform, Even if You Already Have the Game on Two Different Ones. This Can Be Annoying Because of The Gacha System in The Game. You Can’t Use What You Win Anywhere Else Because It Can’t Be Taken to Another Site. You Will Not Be Able to Get Your Favorite Heroes and Villains from The Other Site and Will Have to Grind for Them.

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