The Mobile Version of Apex Legends: What Happened to It?

May 2022 saw the debut of Apex Legends Mobile, the mobile adaptation of the hugely successful BR game. There was a lot of fanfare and enthusiasm surrounding its first announcement and release. Nevertheless, the game is no longer offered in the application shops, having been removed less than a year later. The tale of what transpired with Apex Legends Mobile is told here.

Apex Legends Mobile: Lots of Potential, but Inadequately Used

Following the huge popularity of titles like CoD Mobile, Free Fire, and PUBG Mobile, EA quickly followed suit by releasing a mobile version of Apex Legends. The ambitious BR game was being developed entirely for mobile platforms. But because it was released so quickly, the game had a ton of bugs and optimization problems when it was first released.

Because of this, the game found it difficult to draw gamers away from its rivals. Even if issues were subsequently resolved throughout 2022, the game was never as successful as Free Fire and PUBG Mobile. The game will close on May 1, 2023, according to a later announcement made by EA in early 2023.

The firm claimed at the time that this was because the game did not live up to its standards for “quality, quantity, and cadence.” It’s not obvious what this meant. To begin with, even if Apex Mobile wasn’t doing well, the game hadn’t been out for more than six months. If the game was properly marketed, the title has a lot of potential. Rather, EA decided to shut it down entirely.

The Mobile Version of Apex Legends

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Can It Return at All?

Is Apex Legends Mobile permanently lost? Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, stated in the Q3 FY23 Quarterly Results that the business may offer an Apex Mobile experience that is “reimagined and connected” in the future. It’s not obvious what this meant. The business hasn’t released any other information regarding the game since then.

If players will ever be able to experience Apex on a mobile device again, only time will tell. However, the demise of Apex Legends Mobile has served as a model for other game creators. Before a worldwide release, Activision (Warzone Mobile), Ubisoft (Rainbow Six Mobile), and Tencent (Honor of Kings) are all taking their time with optimization and bug repairs. These developers are aware of how critical it is to profit from the first excitement surrounding the game. As a result, they are making sure that the general public receives a finished product.

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