Is This Ultra Rumble Crossplay My Hero? Attack Darkness with Friends!

The My Hero Academia universe serves as the backdrop for the battle-royale game My Hero Ultra Rumble. To be the last team standing, you must battle other players while choosing from a cast of well-known heroes and villains.

You can play My Hero Ultra Rumble on the PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Steam platforms. With so many fantastic locations to play the game, the issue of cross-play for My Hero Ultra Rumble arises.

Does My Hero Play Ultra Rumble Cross?

Unfortunately, there is some unpleasant news to share. While My Hero Ultra Rumble may be playable on multiple platforms, cross-platform play is not supported at this time.

Every in-game match takes place on its platform, which means that every platform has its player base and that all matches take place on those platforms. Players are tied onto their platforms and need to be on the same platform to play with friends, as there is currently no news regarding a cross-platform upgrade.

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Sony, Don’t Abandon Indie Games

Is This Ultra Rumble Crossplay My Hero

Cross Progression: Does My Hero Ultra Rumble Have It?

Sadly, cross-progression is not available in My Hero Ultra Rumble. This implies that you will have to restart the game on the new platform even if you own it on two different platforms, which can be troublesome given the Gacha mechanism in the game.

What you win isn’t usable anywhere else because it can’t be transferred to another platform. This implies that none of your beloved characters—for whom you have patiently ground—will transfer over to the other platform.

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