Is Death Stranding More Than Just A Video Game?

how many episodes in death stranding

Metal Gear Solid changed how I thought about video games. When Psycho Mantis seemingly read my mind and asked me if I liked to play Super Smash Bros, I knew this game was something different. Since those golden days of the GameCube, I have always been excited by whatever Hideo Kojima made. When Death Stranding … Read more

Nintendo’s 2021 E3 Direct Highlights

nintendo direct highlights

Not a year goes by where Nintendo’s E3 presentation isn’t preceded by some juicy rumor or speculation regarding the latest popular game or perhaps even new hardware itself. The latter of the two loomed large heading into the 2021 edition of Nintendo’s E3 Direct. Numerous outlets reported on the new hardware rumors, so expectations were … Read more

Returnal: Hands-On Impressions

returnal actress

Finnish development studio, Housemarque, is known for its frantic, twin-stick, arcade shooters. Titles such as Super Stardust HD, Dead Nation, and Resogun will immediately pop into the heads of PlayStation fans. With Returnal, Housemarque takes an H.R. Giger-inspired setting and aims to tailor their patented gameplay into a AAA roguelike. They wonderfully blend “bullet hell” … Read more

Retrospective – Fire Emblem Awakening (3DS)

fire emblem awakening 3ds

While it may be hard to believe, there was a time when the Fire Emblem series was more obscure than the EarthBound series. After all, at least EarthBound showed up in America on the Super Nintendo, whereas multiple Fire Emblem games were passed over until the seventh entry – titled Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade – was finally brought over onto the GameBoy Advance in … Read more

Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase

nintendo direct mini

Earlier this morning, a Nintendo Direct Mini blessed our day and provided us with another look at games hitting the Nintendo Switch soon. This particular Direct was focused on Nintendo partners, giving them a chance to shine and not be overshadowed by first-party titles. Let’s take a look at what’s to come and see what … Read more

Does Nintendo Care About Metroid?

wii metroid game

The Pains of Being a Metroid Fan I am close to giving up hope. It has been 13 years since Metroid Prime 3 Corruption was released on the Nintendo Wii. Not only does that make me feel ancient but it also leaves me wondering if Nintendo still cares about Metroid. Sure, we had Other M … Read more

5 PC Gaming Myths Debunked

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I have enjoyed my adventure into PC gaming. The super smooth frame rates, cheap deals, and jaw-dropping graphics have been quite a joy. But like an MLM evangelist on Facebook, whenever I tell people about PC gaming, I’m met with some odd looks. Usually followed by some questions such as, “But how do you play … Read more

Halo: Infinite and Biblical Patience

biblical halo

The disappointing reaction that Lee noted is an understandable and valid feeling. We had hopes or expectations that something was going to happen and then it didn’t. What we do with that disappointment is another matter. A natural outcome might be to get angry, frustrated, or cynical over the issue. As Christians, though, we should guard against … Read more