Are Nitro Fists Still in Ranked?

One of the most popular equipment this season is the Fortnite Nitro Fist. They’re excellent for rotation, but they’re also highly potent items that may destroy the standard Fortnite meta and break through builds. However, it’s not the only OP item that has caused Ranked rules to change; these changes haven’t exactly been adhered to.

The current Fortnite season has been somewhat contentious, with nerfs to powerful equipment and items appearing almost every week.

Epic plans to eventually divide its playlists into rated and unranked categories. Eventually, they have reorganized the reward pools for Ranked mode, eliminating some of the most controversial items. There is one small hold-up, though. In actuality, not everything was eliminated.

The Ranked mode of Fortnite Nitro Fists is still active. Epic hasn’t fulfilled its promise to put an end to the threat posed by Nitro Fists and Cars.

It doesn’t seem like there will be a cure for this anytime soon, given that we are also in the middle of summer. For the remainder of the season, we might not see Ranked battles sans Fists, given that distinct prize pools are currently only available temporarily.

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Nitro Fists from Fortnite Are Still Ranked

Epic has divided the loot pools for the pubs and the ranked for the summer. At least in Arena Mode, this used to be standard procedure. But Epic hasn’t changed anything since switching to Ranked.

Are Nitro Fists Still in Ranked?

Ranked has matched pubs whereas Fortnite esports competitions have had different reward pools. In other words, players are unable to truly simulate tournament settings.

They are once again offering a competitive loot pool for this summer tournament. Both automobiles and presumably Nitro Fists are absent. They are still here, though.

Gamers have observed that Nitro Fists are still present throughout Ranked. Players have discovered opponents nitro punching into boxes during matches when they weren’t anticipating these objects to be in play, just like in bars.

It appears that there was a mistake when the Fortnite Ranked loot pool was configured for this break. The fists remain active. Will there ever be a remedy for it? It appears that this current test of distinct loot pools is only available throughout the summer. The time limit will have passed by the time Epic returns to fix it.

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Is a Competitive Pool Likely to Emerge?

It’s possible that we won’t see a Ranked mode without Fortnite Nitro Fists if this test is the sole occasion when we receive distinct loot pools. It would be unfortunate given what was advertised. But we might witness an expansion of the current distinct loot pool.

Are Nitro Fists Still in Ranked?

Even though it has only been advertised as a component of the Summer event, this adjustment for Ranked might remain in place.

This could indicate that the Fortnite Nitro Fists will eventually be taken out of the gameplay. What Epic has planned for these things in the competitive mode is unknown until they make an announcement or determine what to do with Ranked.

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