Which Teams Have Qualified for the Fortnite Esports World Cup?

The Fortnite Esports World Cup is one of the major competitions coming up shortly. Although this event isn’t a part of our regular yearly FNCS cycle, there is enough to be excited about with a prize pool exceeding one million dollars. It is comparable in scale and renown to Epic’s competitions. Which Fortnite Esports World Cup teams are competing in this tournament?

August is when the competition will officially start. It is set for August 8–11 and will take place over three days. Many of the best players will be playing Fortnite alongside the other Esports World Cup games. There are sixteen teams competing, all of which qualified from separate areas.

The best players from all over the world are being drawn in for this tournament, much like in Fortnite’s main competitions. Early tournament results will determine the Esports World Cup teams, with more regions receiving specific qualifying than Epic typically hosts. All of these teams are currently in the running to compete in the Fortnite Esports World Cup.

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Teams for the Fortnite Sports World Cup

As the teams compete in an elimination bracket system, they are receiving their qualifying. The tournament to determine who qualifies is taking a little while because it’s a little more involved than simply having one large lobby. We still have a long way to go. Add to that the fact that the Esports World Cup will be held in more regions than just Fortnite esports.

Which Teams Have Qualified for the Fortnite Esports World Cup?

These teams compete in the Fortnite Esports World Cup right now. To get here, each of them had to demonstrate their abilities in a very competitive setting.

European Teams

  • Team 1
  • Team 2

Latin America Teams

  • Team 1
  • Team 2

Mena Teams

Best Team

  • Adapter
  • FHD
  • Hero
  • Mansour

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  • Balor
  • FHD
  • Mshx
  • NM7

APJ Teams

Zeta Division

  • Minipiyo
  • Zagou
  • Koyota
  • Yuma
Which Teams Have Qualified for the Fortnite Esports World Cup?

Oceania Teams


  • Alex
  • Looter
  • Worthy
  • Volx

These are the teams that are currently locked in. Many of these are well-known from the FNCS, and some of the top Fortnite players may also be eligible. At the Esports World Cup, the title will be a major event. Hopefully, the teams on the roster represent the best of Fortnite’s competitive gameplay.

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