GTA San Andreas Nintendo Switch Cheat Codes!

In 2021, GTA San Andreas was released on the Nintendo Switch, following its introduction in the GTA Definitive Trilogy. It was a momentous occasion for Nintendo Switch users around the globe, as it marked the release of the very first complete Grand Theft Auto game for the Switch – and there were now three of them! You will acquire knowledge of every GTA San Andreas cheat code for Nintendo Switch necessary to completely manipulate the game by consulting this guide.

Regarding San Andreas, an ample number of exploits are available for use. There are simple, everyday cheats that grant additional health, as well as bizarre codes that in a bloodthirsty manner turn the entire universe against you. Cheats for Grand Theft Auto have been regarded as legendary for years, providing an infinite number of methods to alter the game. Those who prefer transportable gaming can now utilize them as well by consulting this comprehensive guide to the GTA San Andreas cheat codes for Nintendo Switch.

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Does GTA San Andreas Run Well on Switch?

The Definitive Trilogy, which included remastered versions of Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas in magnificent high definition, was undeniably a triumph for the franchise. San Andreas in particular features stunning visuals, including newly implemented lighting, reflections, textures, and effects. Although it experienced a brief period of turbulence during its release, the Definitive Trilogy has performed exceptionally well on all platforms in terms of sales.

The game does not experience any stability issues on Nintendo Switch; however, its visual quality may be inferior to that of an Xbox Series X|S console. Regarding this, be certain to peruse our comprehensive guide to the most effective GTA San Andreas cheat codes for Xbox One.

Nevertheless, considering the magnitude, scope, and remastered state of the game, San Andreas operates quite smoothly. It transports retro gaming enthusiasts down memory lane in an exemplary manner, and Nintendo Switch users can enjoy it at any time and in any location.

Continue reading if you are interested in seeing how it operates on Switch. We are providing every GTA San Andreas cheat code for Nintendo Switch that you will undoubtedly require during your voyage.

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List of GTA: San Andreas Cheats for The Nintendo Switch

This is an extremely lengthy compendium of cheat codes, so buckle up!

The utilization of cheat codes in San Andreas on Switch is surprisingly straightforward, which is excellent news. To enable one of the following cheat codes, merely press the corresponding button on your Joycons or Pro Controller. That’s it; the cheat is now operational. As is typically the case, deactivating the exploit requires a second entry. This principle applies to all GTA San Andreas cheat codes for PlayStation as well.

Best Cheats for GTA San Andreas on Nintendo Switch

  • Give $250,000, restore health, add armor – R, ZR, L , B, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP
  • Lock wanted level – A, RIGHT, A, RIGHT, LEFT, Y, X, UP
  • Lower wanted level – R, R, A, ZR, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN
  • Raise wanted level – R, R, A, ZR, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT
  • Infinite ammo – L, R, Y, R, LEFT, ZR, R, LEFT, Y, DOWN, L, L
  • Weapon set 1 – R, ZR, L, ZR, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP
  • Weapon set 2 – R, ZR, L, ZR, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT
  • Weapon set 3 – R, ZR, L, ZR, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT , DOWN, DOWN, DOWN
  • Maximum vehicle skill stats – Y, ZL, B, R, ZL, ZL, LEFT, R, RIGHT, L, L, L
  • Maximum weapon skill stats – DOWN, Y, B, LEFT, R, ZR, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, L, L, L
  • Infinite lung capacity – DOWN, LEFT, L, DOWN, DOWN, ZR, DOWN, ZL, DOWN
  • Spawn Parachute – LEFT, RIGHT, L, ZL, R, ZR, ZR, UP, DOWN, RIGHT, L
  • Spawn Jetpack – L, ZL, R, ZR, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, L, ZL, R, ZR, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT
  • Maximum fat – X, UP ,UP, LEFT, RIGHT, Y, A, DOWN
  • Maximum muscle – X, UP, UP, LEFT, RIGHT, Y, A, LEFT
  • Minimum fat and muscle – X, UP, UP, LEFT, RIGHT, Y, A, RIGHT
  • Maximum respect  -L, R, X, DOWN, ZR, B, L, UP, ZL, ZL, L, L
  • Maximum sex appeal  -A, Y, X, UP, A, R, ZL, UP, X, L, L, L
  • Maximum stamina – UP, A, X, B, X, B, Y, ZR, RIGHT
  • Super jump – UP, UP, X, X, UP, UP, LEFT, RIGHT, Y, ZR, ZR
  • Super punch – UP, LEFT, B, X, R, A, A, A, ZL
  • Slow-mo gameplay – X, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, Y, ZR, R
  • Fast-forward gameplay – X, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, ZL, L, Y
  • Faster time cycle – A, A, L, X, L, X, Y, Y, L, X, A, X

Spawn Vehicles in San Andreas

  • Spawn Rhino – A, A, L, A, A, A, L, ZL, R, X, A, X
  • Spawn Romero – DOWN, ZR, DOWN, R, ZL, LEFT, R, L, LEFT, RIGHT
  • Spawn Stretch – ZR, UP, ZL, LEFT, LEFT, R, L, A, RIGHT
  • Spawn Stunt Plane – A, UP, L, ZL, DOWN, R, L, L, LEFT, LEFT, B, X
  • Spawn Tanker – R, UP, LEFT, RIGHT, ZR, UP, RIGHT, Y, RIGHT, ZL, L, L
  • Spawn Trashmaster – A, R, A, R, LEFT, LEFT, R, L, A, RIGHT
  • Spawn Vortex – X, X, Y, A, B, L, ZL, DOWN, DOWN
  • Spawn Bloodring Banger – DOWN, R, A, ZL, ZL, B, R, L, LEFT, LEFT
  • Spawn Caddy – A, L, UP, R, ZL, B, R, L, A, Y
  • Spawn Dozer – ZR, L, L, RIGHT, RIGHT, UP, UP, B, L, LEFT
  • Spawn Hunter – A, B, L, A, A, L, A, R, ZR, ZL, L, L
  • Spawn Hydra – X, X, Y, A, B, L, L, DOWN, UP
  • Spawn Monster – RIGHT, UP, R, R, R, DOWN, X, X, B, A, L, L
  • Spawn Quadbike  – LEFT, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, UP, UP, Y, A, X, R, ZR
  • Spawn Hotring Racer 1 – R, B, ZR, RIGHT, L, ZL, B, B, X, R
  • Spawn Hotring Racer 2 – ZR, L, A, RIGHT, L, R, RIGHT, UP, A, ZR
  • Spawn Rancher – UP, RIGHT, RIGHT, L, RIGHT, UP, Y, ZL
  • Spawn Ranger – UP, RIGHT, RIGHT, L, UP, Y, ZL

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Mess with The Weather

  • Cloudy – ZL, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, Y, LEFT, ZR, Y, B, R, L, L
  • Overcast – ZR, B, L, L, ZL, ZL, ZL, Y
  • Sandstorm – UP, DOWN, L, L, ZL, ZL, L, ZL, R, ZR
  • Stormy – ZR, B, L, L, ZL, ZL, ZL, A
  • Sunny – ZR, B, L, L, ZL, ZL, ZL, X
  • Very sunny – ZR, B, L, L, ZL, ZL, ZL, DOWN

Bizarre Cheats

  • Pedestrians are armed – ZR, R, B, X, B, X, UP, DOWN
  • Beach party theme – UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, Y, A, L, R, X, DOWN
  • All traffic is pink – A, L, DOWN, ZL, LEFT, B, R, L, RIGHT, A
  • Only gang member pedestrians – ZL, UP, R, R, LEFT, R, R, ZR, RIGHT, DOWN

Is It Safe to Use GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes for Nintendo Switch?

Prevalently secure is the utilization of exploits on a Nintendo Switch. Certain exploits, such as those that spawn objects, may cause your Nintendo Switch to malfunction, but they will not cause any physical harm. Although unlikely, there is also the possibility that using tools could corrupt your saved file.

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