The Best Ways to Get Cases in CS2 – Prize After Prize!

If you play off-the-server, CS2 cases are very important. Case openings are very popular online because getting expensive skin or seeing someone else find one gives you a huge rush of energy.

You’ve come to the right place if you want to know how to get cases in CS2. You can get cases in-game in three different ways. Once you open them, you’ll find some of the greatest CS2 skins.

CS2 Cases on the Steam Market for Home Users

These are the best places to get CS2 cases if you don’t want to play a lot of games to get them. This doesn’t take much work, we’re sure you’ll be glad to hear. In CS2, this is how you buy cases:

  • Open Steam
  • Go to the “Community” tab and select “Market”
  • Scroll through your game list until you get to CS2
  • Search “case” in the full list to see the range of available cases.

You can find skins for professional CS2 now that you have a bunch of Counter-Strike cases ready to open. For $2.50 each, you can buy keys for these boxes right inside the game. Do not buy the keys that are listed on Steam’s market. These cost more than the in-game keys and don’t work anymore because of a 2019 update that made it harder to trade fake items. These keys are mostly just used for decoration these days.

How to Get Free Cases for CS2

Check out this guide on how to get free CS2 cases and Counter-Strike skins when you get your weekly prize. That’s where the free CSGO cases come from: the Prime cases pool. This pool is different every time a new CS2 case comes out, but right now it has:

  • Case of Kilowatts (February 2024)
  • Case of the Revolution (February 2023)
  • Pull Case (July 2022)
  • The Case of Dreams and Nightmares (January 2022).
  • Case of a Snakebite
  • Broken Case (August 2020)

Unless they are new CS2 cases, these cases won’t sell for more than $1 on the Steam marketplace. This is because they are the most popular cases added to the game’s economy. The Prime cases pool will probably be updated when a new Operation comes out, which doesn’t look like it will happen for a while yet.

CSGO cases should only be opened when they arrive after matches if you usually have a few dollars left in your Steam bank. The easy way to make sure you don’t spend too much on CS2 cases is to measure them.

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Missions of Operation

Ops tasks can also be completed to get free CS2 cases whenever they’re available in the game. You can’t play back Operations, so you’ll have to wait for a new one to come out before you can use this feature again.

For now, Valve hasn’t said anything about Operation, so players will have to wait to see what the company has planned next for the game. To begin with, gamers need to understand how to either buy cases in CSGO or earn them through competitive matches.


Why do CS2 cases cost so much?

Because of quantity and demand, CS2 cases cost a lot. There are a lot of people who want CS2 cases because interest in the game has grown the most in years. More cases are being dropped in the game because of this, but it’s still not nearly enough to meet the demand. The price of CS2 cases will keep going up at this rate. The creator may choose to go this route, but we still don’t know for sure.

How Do I Get Keys for my CS2 cases?

The good news is that you can buy the right key through the game’s menus once you have your CS2 case. Try to open the case without a key if you can’t find it. You can follow the game!

Players used to be able to buy keys on the Steam market, but sellers took advantage of this. Valve stopped them, which made them useless in the end. It’s still possible to buy keys on the market, but they don’t work.

When I open CS2 cases, how much money can I make?

This will depend on the case you open, but you should never think that you can make money by opening CS2 cases. In general, the odds are against you getting a big drop from a case, no matter how many you open. That’s why you should only take on as many tasks as you can cover.

Like everything else, there are some things that don’t fit the pattern. Getting the right skin from the right case can make some players a lot of money that changes their lives. But there aren’t many of these people. Instead of seeing opening CS2 cases as a way to make money, you should do it for fun to get cool new skins for your guns.

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