Easy Tips to Master Combat Survival in Call of Duty Warzone!

Thereformedgamers– Over 100 million different people have played Warzone, making it one of the most famous and tough battle royale games out there. It can be hard to stay up to date on the right meta, strongest loadouts, and other important things when there are so many games and maps to play. Because of this, we’ve decided to put together a full guide of all our best Call of Duty Warzone tips to help you win, no matter how much experience you have or how long you’ve played the game.

Gameplay and Meta

Easy Tips to Master Combat Survival in Call of Duty Warzone

The meta has changed a lot throughout Warzone’s history. This is the most popular way to play. The meta doesn’t always work, and it can be beaten if you know how to play against it. More than ever, SMGs and shotguns are getting a lot of attention, so gunfights should last as long as possible. We have loadouts that can fight at any range, no matter how you like to play. But some weapons can be used against the meta that make SMGs and shotguns lose their short range.

Basics and Settings

Make sure you know a lot about the game and that your settings are just right before we get to the loadouts. If you want to play like a pro in Caldera or Rebirth, join a secret match and move around the map. You can improve your callouts and become a better friend if you learn how to use the map. You can figure out which places will help you win gunfights if you play them by yourself. In this case, higher ground will help ARs, while SMGs will handle close-range fights.

Setting up your things is just as important as the basics. We suggest that you play Rebirth and try out various sensitivity settings. After that, you’ll be able to move in a way that fits your style and get better. You can also change the images and lighting. Because both maps have simple lighting, if you can pick up on small changes in the environment, you can gain an instant edge in a fight.


The most important part is this part because you can’t win the game without the right setup. We’ve chosen to offer an AR, an SMG, and a sniper set-up as loadout options. You can try out a lot of different guns this way. You can also use this to play more passively or aggressively; it’s up to you.

AR Setup – Geomatik Ar Blueprint

Easy Tips to Master Combat Survival in Call of Duty Warzone


  • Muzzle – Agency Suppressor
  • Barrel – 25.8 Task Force
  • Optic – Axial Arms 3x
  • Underbarrel – Field Agent Grip
  • Magazine – Stanag 50 Round
  • Perks – Double Time, Overkill, Combat Scout

In a game where distance is important, this tool lets you stay at medium to long range and kill multiple enemies at once. The best things about this loadout are its bullet speed, range, accuracy, and ease of control. This is a great set-up to try if you like to play safely. Recoil can be a problem sometimes, but this can be fixed by holding down a little on the thumbstick. In general, gunfights that aren’t close will go in your favor if you keep your space.

SMG Setup – Mp40

MP40 Warzone loadout best attachments and class setup

Attachments with Custom Modifications:

  • Muzzle – Recoil Booster
  • Barrel – VDD 189mm Short
  • Under barrel – M1941 Hand Stop
  • Magazine – 2 Gorenko 45 Round Mags (Ammunition – Lengthened)
  • Rear Grip – Fabric Grip
  • Stock – Krausnick 33M Folding
  • Perks – Double Time, Overkill, Combat Scout

The reason for this is that this loadout is intended for close combat. All SMGs have pretty low Time to Kill numbers, so our loadout will make it easier to move, aim, and control. Because it does so much harm, this weapon can also be used at a short to medium range. If you like to play aggressively, you will be able to quickly back up and play again. While some SMGs can fire faster than the MP40, this gun is better in every other way. Use Overkill as well and run a Sniper to cover long range.

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Sniper Setup – Roman Standard

First, the seven-round magazine isn’t necessary, but it is better than the five bullets that come with each clip. When you use these attachments, your accuracy, control, range, and impact all get a huge boost. Due to the above numbers going up, this is a great kit for any sniper who wants to take over. As with any shooter, use overkill first and then an SMG to help you in close combat.

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