The Elden Ring: A Guide to Getting to Malenia!

The gaming community has put Elden Ring to the test with its hard games. Players say that getting to Malenia and beating the boss fight with Blade of Miquella is one of the hardest parts of the game. People think she is one of the hardest bosses in Soulsborne, which makes players even more eager to take on the task.

Better news: you don’t have to fight Blade of Miquella to finish the game; you can do so without beating her. But to get through the task, you need to get used to the idea of taking a long time to learn and get the basics right. You have to fight several Erdtree Avatars, Malenia’s loyal Cleanrot Knights, and get to the Mountaintops of the Giants to find the two halves of the Haligtree medallion. This makes the way to the extra area not very easy.

Step 1: Get on The Right Side of The Haligtree Medallion

The first step is to get to the right side of the Haligtree pendant. You can do this without killing any gods. You can walk around the edge of the cliff at Stromvale Castle to get to the right side of the medallion, which is in the town of Albinauris.

Stay on the western edge once you get to Liurnia of the Lakes region to get to this spot. The town of the Albinaurics Grace can be found by going down the slope that leads to it. There is also a shady fragrance with a flute right before that. If you want to avoid a fight, you can sneak around him to look for a strange pot.

The Elden Ring: A Guide to Getting to Malenia!

Hit the pot until Albus shows up once you find it. He will beg you to save him. Just keep talking to him until you get the right side of the Haligtree medallion. But be ready for NPCs to attack you when you get back to the Round Table Hold after getting the medallion.

Step 2: Find the Side of The Helmet that Is on The Left.

To the left of the Haligtree pendant is the way to get to the Mountaintop of Giants. To get to this stage, you have to beat at least two demigods and use their runes at their towers. Then you have to get to Leyndell and go to the city’s entrance to beat the Draconic Tree Sentinel Boss. Lift the Forbidden Lands to get into the Erd Tree and get the Rold Medallion.

Then keep going through the city. To get to the top of the Mountain of Giants, you have to go back to the city and lift the Forbidden Lands. To get the left half of the coin, you must first get to the Castle Sol from the Mountaintop of Giants. You can see a walking tomb next to the Castle Sol Main Gate opening site of grace at night.

But you need to go to the wooden path east of the main gate and take the wooden stairs on the left to get to the building in the north. Be careful of the guards who can appear at any time. Then you need to find the Church of Eclipse in the south. That’s where you’ll find the Site of Grace.

Open the Site of Grace, and then leave the Church through the eastern door. The boss door is on the side that you can see as you walk through the southern walls and up the stairs to the eastern side. To get the left side of the coin, you have to go through the boss door. Arekkz Gaming has a good video on YouTube that shows how to do it

Step 3: Head to The Sky and Fix the Puzzle

To move on, we need to go back to the Grand Lift Rold and lift the secret coin. There is a lift that will help you get where you need to go. But your goal is to go through the area where it’s hard to see and fight the baddies, then go north and find the Ordina Liturgical Town.

There is a puzzle in this town that you need to solve to get to the portal that leads to Miquella’s Haligtree. While the game is simple and easy to solve, be aware that several tough enemies are coming your way. To begin the task, you must, however, light four candles that are spread out in the town.

The Elden Ring: A Guide to Getting to Malenia!

You can find the lights on roofs, which makes them pretty easy to find. But watch out for the Black Knife Assassins, who can hurt you. But once you light all four candles, you’ll be teleported back to where you started. From there, all you have to do is climb the tall stairs to reach the entrance to Haligtree.

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Step 4: Go Down the Halo and The Angel to Get to Malefica.

When you walk through the doorway, you’ll be in the upper half of the Haligtree. The downed roof and the Oracle Envoys are two of the biggest threats. If you want to get to Haligtree Town, you have to keep going down. Here is where you have to beat the boss fight, which isn’t too hard, to get to the Haligtree Promenade Site of Grace and find Elphael.

As Haligtree’s brace, Elphael will greet you with many attackers. There are walls around the outside and inside of the place. You have to keep going from the outside wall to the inside wall by using your powerful attacks to fight these enemies, including the Cleanrot Knights.

The Elden Ring: A Guide to Getting to Malenia!

You will keep running into the Scarlet Rot as you go through. There will be a lot of Haligtree Soldiers and Knights as you keep going down. Finding a church with Kindred of Rot inside will make you happy when you get to Melania. It will lead you to a lift that will take you to Haligtree Roots Site of Grace.

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