Deer Thoughts: Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is finally here and we are having a blast playing the game. To see a beloved classic refreshed and fleshed out in some exciting ways is a sight to behold. We will be sharing some of our thoughts in future episodes and on social media (Be a Deer and follow us on Twitter and Facebook). But what about the Deer Community? Here’s what some of our Deer Listeners think of the remake:


Tyler Turner: It does justice to its source material while expanding on the universe and characters in a thoughtful, emotional, and exciting way. It’s everything I had hoped it would be.

Collin Gregory:  Epic. I’ve loved every minute of it. So many new things and still pays homage to the original.

Bob Blandeburgo: My thoughts are why does Cloud shave his armpits?

David Waller Jr.: I think it’s phenomenal, I truly care about the characters. Even minor characters in the original like Biggs, Wedge, & Jessie are completely fleshed out and extremely likable. I don’t get why people are complaining about paying full price for 1/3 of a game. I have 30 hours in and just got to chapter 10 so I’m getting my money’s worth compared to something like Resident Evil 3.


@HenshinDad: I love how it feels far grander in scope, yet still retains a lot of the emotion and heart of the original. I haven’t finished it yet, but it keeps bringing me back in and surprising me with its characterization and fresh take.

@DavidWhitaker86: This game is a love letter to fans. I love every second of it and am just absorbing the amazing city they have created.

@mttgbrazilteam: It’s like my ugly best friend from HS went & got a makeover & I’m catching up & reliving the good ole days. The graphics, battle system & story developments are head & shoulders above the OG…& yet the charm, spirit, and feel of it are faithfully intact. I’ve loved every second!

Have you been playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out our latest episode covering the 1997 original with Retro Rewind Podcast.

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