Episode 195 – Jeff Jackson and the History of Escape Rooms, Popularity, and Evolution

Recently, things like tabletop games and escape rooms have risen in popularity. Along with that have come new ways to play games like murder mystery subscription boxes. These have massive potential to reform the way people play games while opening some opportunities for ministry. Join us as we sit down with Jeff and discuss these kinds of games.

What Have We Been Playing (8:34)

Jeff dives into the tabletop side of games and shares about a card game that you can play with one hand. Logan takes to the seas in Sea of Thieves, again, and finally finishes Metroid: Zero Mission.

What Have We Been Reading (21:23)

The guys discuss how to enjoy the life that God has given us and the cure to anxiety from Ecclesiastes and Josh Weidman’s “The End of Anxiety”.

Topic (29:30)

As stated before, escape rooms have grown in popularity. So much so that many companies are now even offering escape room experiences via subscription boxes. Escape Room Mystery is even extending a special offer to our listeners: use code DEER50 at checkout to get 50% off your first box of Capture the Killer. Head over to their website, use the code, and try out this unique way of gaming for yourself!

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