Sony Details Upcoming Trophy Enhancements for PS4/PS5

Today Sony announced a handful of enhancements to their Trophy system which will be available at launch for PS5 users and rolling out tonight, October 7th, for current PS4 users. In an official blog post, Sony explains how the existing Trophy level range of 1-100 will be altered to 1-999. After the back-end update goes live, players can expect a huge leap in their Trophy level. Sony explains, “For example, if your current Trophy level is 12, your new level will jump to somewhere in the low 200s. The exact level will depend on the number and grades of trophies you’ve acquired”.

Additionally, Sony says to expect a new Trophy level calculation structure that is “more optimized and rewarding”. Much like an RPG, players will level up faster at lower levels (such as bronze) compared to higher levels. Earning better grade trophies (platinum, golds) will count more toward your level progression.

New Trophy level icons are also being implemented to correspond with your new Trophy level. Before, there was simply a gold star next to your level, but the new icons will offer a better view of your Trophy level at a glance. As shown above, the icons will break down as follows:

  • Bronze: levels 1-299
  • Silver: levels 300 – 599
  • Gold: levels 600 – 998
  • Platinum: level 999

Finally, PlayStation France seemingly confirmed and has since removed this above tidbit about PS5 Trophy progress tracking. Mimicking a feature the Xbox family of consoles has enjoyed for several years now, Trophy progress tracking is a much-requested feature that fans have clamored for. Its quick removal from the French blog post indicated that perhaps that news wasn’t ready for prime time. For now, fans will have to be patient as Sony slowly confirms features and details about the upcoming PlayStation 5.

Do these changes excite you as a trophy hunter? Let us know in the comments below!

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