Every Fall Guys Level Ranked

The breakout hit out of the summer offers tons of fun mini-games, but which is the greatest?

Fall Guys has only been on the market for a couple of weeks, but it has already taken the gaming world by storm and become an instant summer smash. As of this writing, Fall Guys is the #4 most watched game on Twitch and the #1 best selling game on Steam. Being Playstation Plus’ free game for August doesn’t hurt things either. Many are comparing it to Rocket League in terms of it’s fast, stratospheric success, but what makes Fall Guy so fun? The magic sauce lies in the various mini-games that make up the round-based, 60 person battle royale. While some mini-games are tremendous, not all of them live up to the hype. Adam Southerland and I sift through the madness and rank each and every Fall Guys mini-game from worst to best. 

25. Perfect Match – This memory based game is probably the furthest thing from what makes up the core of Fall Guys. Fun and frantic races or sports-like clashes await you in other mini-games, but Perfect Match just leaves the player wanting. It’s not particular difficult and sometimes results in zero eliminations due to it’s ease. Developer, Mediatonic needs to consider cutting this game altogether. 

24. Team Tail Tag – One of many “tag” style games that really fails to deliver much satisfying fun  thanks to some wonky tag controls. Add in the fact that it’s a team based game which means you often times have no control over if you win or lose. It can be frustrating. 

23. Jinxed – Mediatonic tries to shake up the tagging mechanic by making what is essentially a team based last man standing game. Each team begins with one player “jinxed” and that player must tag players of the opposite color. This can be fun since there is skill involved in escaping a tag, but still, ultimately unsatisfying.

22. Royal Fumble – Yet another “tail tag” game, Royal Fumble has the luxury of it being a final round game so there are usually only 4 or 5 players trying to snag a single tail. Skill can come into play and the reduced numbers make this game the best of the tail tag bunch.

21. Tail Tag – A free-for-all version of Team Tail Tag made slightly better thanks to their not being teams. Reduced stakes compared to Royal Fumble means less hair pulled out. 

20. Egg Scramble – Egg Scramble is a three team mad dash for eggs. Players must run to the middle and grab from a heap of eggs and return them to their team’s basket. Things get wild once other teams dive head first into your basket trying to steal your precious golden egg. This one is cut throat and absolutely nuts. It’s fun, but relies too much on luck since it’s team based. 

19. Jump Club – This one feels ripped right out of a good Mario Party game. Jump Club has the Fall Guys leaping over a rotating bar while avoiding a second larger bar above. The trick is not letting the two bars line up when you need to jump over. Any miscalculation will send your Fall Guy to certain doom.

18. Rollout – At this point in the list, we’re safely into the “good” games.  Rollout is an endurance test as 30 or so players attempt to stay on top of 5 cylindrical rotating platforms. Each platform has it’s own gaps and obstacles that the Fall Guys must navigate and any fall will result in elimination. 

17. Hoarders – The first game on our list to introduce the oversized ball into the picture, Hoarders tasks players with moving 1 of 7 large volleyballs into their team’s particular corner. With three teams battling it out for volleyball possession, things can change instantly since you only need to avoid coming in last place. Whichever team has the fewest balls in their corner when the timer strikes zero is eliminated.

16. Hoopsie Daisy – Hoopsie Daisy is a team based game where players try to jump through various hoops spread throughout the playing field. One successful hoop jump equals one point for your team. This game does a good job of mixing up where the hoops are and keeps the players on their toes. There’s nothing like racing another player to a hoop only to have him smash his face on the bottom rung while you triumphantly dive through.

15. Door Dash – Along with Egg Scramble, this one is high on the frantic levels. In this race style game, players must choose from a number of doors to jump through, but only some of them will give way for the players to advance. Unlucky Fall Guys get rejected in their tracks and must quickly recover toward an open door. The franticness comes when all 60 Fall Guys are trying to squeeze through a single door. Of course, once one door is discovered to be good, nobody attempts searching for another! The mad dash for the one open door is absolutely bonkers and can send a leading player straight to the back.

14. Jump Showdown – This recent addition to the Fall Guys games lineup is a slightly different take on Jump Club. This final round game adds an second lower bar to have to jump over. On top of that, the floor panels beneath your feet will give way and eventually leave all players on one or two wedges. Don’t get knocked off! 

13. Rock n’ Roll – Rock n’ Roll has three teams each pushing a large ball down their unique lane of obstacles. This one can get wild since some players decide to move forward to the end and try to stop leading teams from finishing first. Teamwork is key as players push and struggle to get their ball to the finish line. 

12. Block Party – With only one life, players must dodge and hop over obstacles constantly trying to push you off a large platform. There’s pushing, there’s shoving. Its a good time. 

11. Fruit Chute – There’s not much funnier than racing up Fruit Chute’s long conveyor belt and having the player in front of you get whacked right in the face by a huge watermelon. Luck and nimble reflexes are key in this classic uphill race. The catch? Tons of enormous fruit is descending upon your hapless Fall Guy. 

10. See Saw – This might be the quintessential Fall Guys game. It was heavily used in promo materials and is often times players’ first introduction to the game. See Saw, like it’s namesake suggests, uses several massive seesaws as the platforms that players must traverse in order to the reach the finish line. Working together can be key as you’ll oftentimes need to get the weight shifted in order to progress.

9. Dizzy Heights – Spinning platforms is the name of the game in Dizzy Heights. One after another, turntable style platforms spin in opposing directions in order to toss the Fall Guys to and fro. If you can successfully navigate several layers of dizziness, a final uphill climb awaits racers. Just watch out for the huge balls rolling down the hill.

8. Fall Ball – Classic soccer except with two balls. Dive, jump and push your way to victory, Rocket League style. Take the shot!

7. Gate Crash – Gate Crash is a pure race mini-game that’s very straightforward. Some doors go up. Some go down. Time it right and you’ll find victory. Just make it to the slime covered slip n’ slide at the end and time your final jump in order to qualify. 

6. Hit Parade – Another example of the best that Fall Guys has to offer when it comes to their obstacle courses, Hit Parade is a riot. The race begins with everyone trying to pile onto super thin beams, which of course few will cross. After plummeting down a slimy hill, race back up and push through rotating panels. Once you can squeeze through the sliding door you’re met with swinging guillotine like balls which can really set the player back. A final climb up a slimy hill will meet fast players with sure qualification. 

5. Tip Toe – There’s a 10×10 tile floor board in front of you and a finish line on the other side. Some tiles will fall away once touched while others will remain. As the path is slowly revealed, via pushing and shoving of course, there’s a mad dash to qualify for this mini-game since the final round usually awaits the winners.

4. The Whirlygig – If See Saw is exhibit A, then The Whirlygig is exhibit B. It’s another fantastic Fall Guys level that fully takes advantage of the hilarious rag doll physics laced throughout the whole game. Players must leap over spinning dials and dodge spinning fan blades in this outrageous obstacle course.

3. Fall Mountain – Perhaps the most pure Fall Guys event, Fall Mountain is the only mini-game in which you can visualize the shiny crown that all players are ultimately competing for. A relatively short race up a hill peppered with quickly descending balls is the main obstacle. What makes this game so great is that there are two final paths to the crown. Whichever side the player is on, they’ll need to properly time a big jump in order to grab the crown before anyone else. Having another player running toward the crown on one side as you approach on the other is both thrilling and super rewarding if you can get there first.

2. Hex-A-Gone – Hex-A-Gone is one of the final round games. Roughly 9 players will be standing on hexagonal panels which disappear after being touched. There are about 8 “floors” which Fall Guys can descend to, but once you fall past the final floor, you’re out. Keep moving to find victory in this nail biter of a game. 

1. Slime Climb – The perfect obstacle course. Slime Climb is both challenging and incredibly fun. Essentially, players must navigate across a treacherous obstacle course all while the rising tide of pink slime slowly rises after you. One mistake can spell elimination in this difficult race. Lasting til the end generally rewards players with a drastically thinner player base than when the round began. Slime Climb is what Fall Guys is all about.

Do you hate Slime Climb? Think that Perfect Match is the perfect mini-game for you? Let us know your thoughts on how we got this list completely wrong!  

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  1. I immediately scrolled to the bottom of this list (IGN Style) to see if I would love or hate this list, LOL. Well, it’s a great list and I’m in agreement on basically everything here! I haven’t had tons of time to play as much as I’d like, so it was cool to see that there are still a couple of games I haven’t seen yet.

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      1. If we’re on at the same time, let’s do it. I think I’m mostly playing when you’re streaming (I play most Saturday mornings and then a random night during the week). Looking forward to Season 2!


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