What Is – Captain Toad Treasure Tracker (Nintendo Switch)

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker (referred to as Captain Toad from here on out) was originally released for the Nintendo Wii U in 2014. While it garnered positive reviews, not a whole lot of people got to play this delightful game. Earlier this year, Captain Toad saw new light on the Nintendo Switch, complete with extra DLC missions. With a bigger player base available to it, it’s time we ask the question, “What Is Captain Toad”?

Captain Toad can best be described as a 3D puzzle platformer. Each level is comprised of a 4-sides (think a giant 3D boxed play area), puzzles, coins, hidden collectibles, and enemies. You complete each level by using the right stick to rotate the camera to gain new perspectives on the area to navigate. Each level is completed by making your way to the golden star and collecting it. It’s only then that the player is treated to a charming scene with an enthusiastic jingle that inspired the cinematic that plays in Super Mario Odyssey when collecting a moon.

Navigating the Rail Car Sections

captain toad nintendo switch

The story isn’t complicated and is not unfamiliar to the Mario universe: the main character’s girlfriend is kidnapped by a baddie and it’s up to the main character to rescue her. Captain Toad contains 3 episodes and it’s in episode 2 where the game flips the script on this classic Mario template of a story. In Episode 2, you play as Toadette, Captain Toad’s spunky female counterpart, and go through a series of levels that bring you back to Captain Toad. Admittedly, Toadette’s levels are noticeably more challenging than Captain Toad’s in episode 1.

As the attached video will show, the game is delightfully charming. Everything from the visuals to the music to the stellar gameplay, this is a game that I’m kicking myself for having not played sooner. It plays fantastically in portable mode; retaining much of the visual fidelity you see docked to the TV. While I’m not particularly fond of the first-person rail car sections, they’re not frequent enough to take me out of the enjoyment of this game. At the time of this post, I am nearly finished with the game and have been eyeing the DLC in the eShop. To check out Captain Toad for yourself, head over to our YouTube channel to see the game in action.

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