Yes. Christians can play video games.

Back in 2015, we got tired of reading all the articles about how Christians shouldn’t play video games. We’ve heard all the arguments and seen all the misappropriated Bible verses about “growing up” and “games being for children”. We, however, believe that video games are a gift of God. So, how do we glorify God in it?

Enter The Reformed Gamers.

Logan is a teacher/educator that loves God and has been gaming since he was a newborn. His desire is for Christians and non-Christians alike to enjoy gaming to a higher level than just the surface. Every other week, we release a new episode centered around discussing a specific video game or gaming news topic from a Biblical worldview. For example, ever consider how the 2018 game, God of War, has a positive view of masculinity that’s close to the Bible? No? Well, you have now.

TRG also aims to bring guests on that are doing something different in the gaming space. Whether it’s Colin Moriarty’s more conservative/populist perspective, Jon Harrison’s methods of using gaming mechanics for leadership skills or even Charles Watson’s tool that helps gamers stay fiscally minded on their backlog, we aim to bring new perspectives to you, the listener, on just what is going on in the world of gaming and how these individuals are making the world a better place.

If you’re new to the show, hello and welcome! You can check out some of our best Episodes below:

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If you are more into all things retro gaming, check out some of our TRG Retrospectives:

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4 thoughts on “What?

  1. Hey guys I’m a Christian gamer who and am very exited about your cool website… I just have one question that may be a deal breaker. What is your view on LGBTQ, because if you are for that, then it makes me wonder about the reliability of your guidance. GODs peace to you – GodsKnight


    1. Hey Knight,

      Thanks for dropping by. As you listen to the show, you’ll learn that we lean towards Reformed theology and, as such, do not agree with or support that (LGBTQ) ideology.

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  2. Good post! Always enjoy your content. And I didn’t know Adam is a pastor in New York, which part? I’m from NYC so just curious 🙂

    I also made my blog for that reason (though not the only reason) because I wanted there to be a place where gamers can feel welcome and still follow Christ. Happy to have others out there with similar visions.


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