Episode 237 | Does PlayStation NEED Call of Duty?

Playstation and Xbox both have said some weird things during the situation with the Activision/Blizzard acquisition, most recently Playstation has made the claim they need Call of Duty to fund their games. Is this true?

We also dig into the Final Fantasy XVI preview footage, gush over Hogwarts Legacy, and painfully remember Tidus’ laugh from Final Fantasy X.

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Time Stamps

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 4:57 Hogwarts Legacy Continues To Amaze
  • 14:58 Micah’s Kids Digging Back Into Minecraft
  • 19:00 Do Not Sleep On HiFi Rush
  • 25:00 PS State of Play Disappoints
  • 35:45 Have We Changed Our Minds on PSVR2?
  • 41:45 Final Fantasy XVI Looks Incredible!
  • 52:12 Is Sony Buying Square?
  • 59:03 Who Should Handle Game Remasters?
  • 1:02:33 What Game Do We Want Remastered?
  • 1:05:30 What Do You Do When A Game Loses Your Save?
  • 1:11:55 Buy. Metroid. Prime. Remastered.
  • 1:15:41 Does Playstation Need Call of Duty?
  • 1:18:00 Wild Would You Rather
  • 1:23:04 Reco’s & Closing

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