The Problem of Gaming Burnout & How To Fix It | Episode 227

You ever just fire up your game system, look at the games and shut the system off because you don’t feel like playing anything?

We’ve all experienced burn out in gaming to a degree. But not all burn out is the same. Matter of fact, it might be a sign of something else going on that needs your attention or it might be time to try out something new. This week, we dig deep into burn out and discuss our seasons with it.

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Time Stamps

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 3:16 Elden Ring Board Game?
  • 8:05 What Is Up With Overwatch 2?
  • 17:21 What We’re Playing
  • 36:53 The Problem of Gaming Burnout
  • 45:30 How You Approach Games Can Cause Burnout
  • 50:02 When Gaming Becomes An Idol
  • 52:05 What Is Burnout Exactly?
  • 56:54 Rest Well Earned
  • 57:40 Giving Up Games For A Season
  • 1:04:50 Maybe Stop Playing Massive Games?
  • 1:11:44 “There’s More To Life Than Video Games”
  • 1:16:40 Reco’s & Closing

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