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Yes. Christians can play video games.

We’ve all heard it before.

Pastors exclaiming from the pulpit that you’re a loser if you play video games, Pokemon is a gateway to the demonic, or that God hates video games. There’s been countless articles that say video games are either childish (and, some, to a degree, are) or outright sinful (which, we don’t agree with).

And, for the most part, I disagree with those assertions.

Hi, my name is Logan and welcome to The Reformed Gamers. I started TRG back in 2016 because of sermons and blogs that stated this stuff, with 0 Biblical support. Here at TRG, we’ve read the articles and heard the sermons of pastors railing against video games, claiming they’re sinful or childish, and we disagree. We believe games are a gift of God and meant to be enjoyed. But they all have a worldview and have some things to learn.

Here at TRG, we like to talk about video games and the themes they contain. We also like to geek out at some of the ways they’re really cool. On both our YouTube channel, and website, you’ll find a large library of content with that in mind.

On YouTube, you’ll also find Memory Card, an all new retrospective series dedicated to older games, and some new ones, and how well they hold up.

We’ll also throw some Shorts on here from time to time from our community Fall Guys Fridays.

Video games, as a whole, are not sinful. And, for the most part, they’re not childish. Even did a whole video on it that you can find here. So whether you’re a Christian or not, if you like video games and discussing them, this is the place for you. Hit the subscribe button and join the community.

Be a Deer, keep it locked here, we’ll see you in the next post.