Is Returnal Our Pick for Game of the Year 2021? – Episode 208

TRG turns 7!

Logan, Skinner, and Adam gather around the digital table to reminisce over the last 7 years of TRG before diving in to some of our favorite games of 2021. Every year, we give out a series of awards and this year is no different! This year, the awards are:

  • Biggest Surprise (50:29)
  • Best Indie (1:00:42)
  • It’s Not You, It’s Me (1:06:54)
  • In The Feels (1:15:39)
  • Deer Listener Award (1:25:12)
  • 2021 Game of the Year Picks (1:32:58)

Special shout-out to our Deer Listeners of 2021: Alex Castellanos, the TRG Discord Mods, Sound of the Raign, Kokorodaki, ChefJhai!

Housekeeping (13:54)

What We’re Playing (20:01)

Topic (44:44)

Reco’s (1:48:42)

  • Bible Memory App
  • Calico Board Game
  • Foster/Adopt
  • Missions Support/Perspectives Class
  • Pray
  • Share TRG with friends/family/etc.
  • Check out model Gundams
  • Watch Encanto

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