The NEW Content Coming to TRG in 2022

New Year, New Content!

2022 is here and we are gearing production back up for TRG! As usual, we’ve got a lot planned for the podcast (so much so that the first 6 months are lined up). But what about the website? What about the YouTube channel? Well, let me announce a few things you can expect to see.

TRG News

Micah has done a great job covering the news here on the site. When he posted a news topic in the FB group and was sharing his thoughts, I made the comment that I should just give him a show on the YouTube channel. Since then, we’ve brainstormed and talked behind the scenes about what that would look like. I am excited to announce that, starting this month, Micah will start doing a weekly news round up show over on the YouTube channel. Each Friday, he’ll gather the major news topics in gaming for that week, give a recap, share his thoughts, and then open it up for you to share your thoughts in the comments! There will still be the usual coverage here on the site but the YouTube show is the best way to get a digest of the latest news.

TRG Retrospective

That’s right! TRG Retrospective is BACK! Wes took a year off to focus on personal matters and is back with a whole year’s worth of articles scheduled out. When he sent me his line-up, I got extremely giddy. If you’re a fan of retro games, or just like taking frequent trips down the road of nostalgia, this is a weekly series you will not want to miss on the site.

TRG Library

Last July, I started a series called the TRG BackVlog. The purpose of the series was to focus on tackling my backlog of games in a year’s time. Since then, I’ve thought a lot about gaming, backlogs, and why we as Christians tend to sport them as burdens. I recently uploaded a video detailing how TRG BackVlog would be changing to TRG Library in 2022. I’m still working through my backlog but instead of seeing it as a backlog burden, I’m approaching it like a reader or movie fan does a library. Each month, I’ll share a video of my experience with a game, what I liked and didn’t, and if anything made me think. Similar to my Death Stranding video. I’m aiming to get these videos up, once a month, on TRG’s YouTube channel.

Needless to say, we’re all very excited about these new additions to our content line-up. If you’re not already, subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss out on our extra content. As always, the podcast will still be released on a bi-weekly schedule and can be streamed on every platform that podcasts are available. Be a Deer. Keep it locked here. We’ll see you in the next episode.

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  1. Really excited about all of this – especially when I heard about Micah’s new Weekly News show! (listened to you talk about this on the latest Patch Notes). Seems like 2022 is looking strong for TRG!


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