The Halo Hype Is Real

The return of Master Chief is only days away

We are almost a week away from December 8th, the day of Halo Infinite’s campaign release. Many players have been enjoying the multiplayer beta (albeit with some complaints) in the weeks leading up to it. With Call of Duty Vanguard fizzling out quickly and Battlefield 2042’s messy launch, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has been a breath of fresh air in the multiplayer landscape. Many are hailing that Halo is back.

For me, Halo has always been about the story. Don’t get me wrong, I love the multiplayer and put plenty of time into it. But when I go to Halo, I go for the story. Master Chief is up there as far as top favorite fictional heroes. Everything I’ve seen so far leads me to wonder if 343 will redeem themselves from Halo 5’s blunderous story.

While I remain slightly skeptical, Xbox is going full steam ahead with the release of some new trailers on their YouTube channel. If you haven’t seen them, I’ll link them below.

These trailers certainly bring a lot of the nostalgia back. They also bring an incredible amount of excitement. There’s something admirable and inspiring about bravery running into danger for either the betterment of mankind or to just provide help and security. At Master Chief’s core, he’s a hero. The line in the launch trailer where he says a single bullet is enough to take on the entire Banished is classic Spartan 117 that we all grew up.

I usually try to temper my expectations because we all have been burned by hype at one point, whether it was Cyberpunk, Borderlands, or even the aforementioned Halo 5. At the same time, I won’t deny that my excitement for Halo Infinite is building. I’ve bought my ticket for the hype train. Have you?

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