Forza Horizon 5 Is The Best Horizon Game Since Forza Horizon 2

Xbox has the best racer on the market and has officially put Gran Turismo on notice

I have been a huge fan of the Forza Horizon series for a long time now. My first game was Forza Horion 2, a game that I put close to 60 hours into. Subsequent releases saw similar numbers but none of them felt quite like Forza Horizon 2.

Until Forza Horizon 5.

After putting nearly 24 hours into the game during it’s first week of release, I can definitively say that this entry is my new favorite. It’s honestly hard to pin down one thing that makes it stand out but rather it’s a summation of all it’s beautiful systems working together that have me hooked.


I admittedly never messed with the Forzathon challenges. But since getting sucked in to Destiny 2’s weekly rotation of challenges, I find myself a sucker for worthy challenges that offer plenty of good rewards. Forza Horizon 5’s first week challenges are a blast that range from blazing through speed challenges, to completing unique challenges with one car. It’s kept me busy trying to outdo both friends and the score the game set before me.


Don’t get me wrong: England and Australia were fun locations in past Horizon games. But there’s something about Mexico that just stands out above the rest. The diversity of terrains from swamps to deserts to villages and cities, Mexico feels like a living, breathing location in this game. There’s an energy about the location this time around that is so inviting to continue exploring.


Horizon 5 continues with some extra features to help make the game reacher a wider audience. A new feature slows the game itself down to allow people with slower reflexes a better opportunity to make turns or adjust to other drivers. You can even enable a set of features that essentially enable an auto-pilot, saving you money from fast traveling all the time.


For the first time in the series, or at least that I can remember, you can now gift cars at barn find locations. You can gift cars to anyone randomly, returning players, new players, Hall of Fame players, or those who contribute to the Forza community. I love these kinds of features that encourage community and charity. It’s one of the reasons why I was so drawn to Death Stranding.

Despite all this, the game does have a few issues at launch, such as constant server issues. But it’s bound to happen when the game has 4.5 million players on day one. At the time of this writing, joining convoys is hit or miss and TRG has yet to create a Club for our community because of time out errors. Something we will quickly create as soon as we are able to.

Are you playing Forza Horizon 5? Drop a comment below with your thoughts of the game so far.

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  1. While I won’t deny that Forza Horizon has earned their reputation as the champ of fun arcade racers, it’s not really a pro racing simulator like Gran Turismo. The comparison between GT and Horizon always reminds me of when people would compare FIFA and Madden: both sports games, but appeals to 2 totally different audiences.


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