The Redemption of Final Fantasy IV (feat. Aki) | Episode 203

The 1991 Classic Has A Surprising Amount to Say About Forgiveness and Hope

The fourth installment in the long running Final Fantasy series introduced us to a hero who did a great evil. In 1991, Square released a game that was not only fun but had us asking questions about redemption and just how far someone can go before they cannot be forgiven. Hailed as one of the best Final Fantasy games, and JRPGs of all time, join us as we discuss Final Fantasy IV.

Joining this episode is Aki of AkiAndPeach. Head on over to their channel to check out their latest content and catch them live on Twitch!



Housekeeping (6:21)

What We’re Playing (7:23)

Topic (31:21)

  • Spoiler Territory begins at 31:21

Reco’s! (53:53)

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  • Check out one of the Pixel Remasters of Final Fantasy

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