The Terrible Metroid Fusion | Episode 202

Terrible – causing or likely to cause terror; sinister.

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With Halloween coming up, it’s fitting for gamers everywhere to play and revisit some of their favorite scary video games. TRG is doing the same but with a game that may not be on everyone’s radar: Metroid Fusion. The Metroid series has always been accustomed to themes of sci-fi, isolation, and even dread. But Metroid Fusion took these themes and cranked the dial up to 11. Friend of the show, Jonathan Steele, joins me on the mic to discuss the 2002 GBA classic, Metroid Fusion.

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Reco’s! (1:21:31)

  • Overboss (Tabletop Game)
  • Streambeats
  • Pray for Logan’s adoption
  • Play any Metroid game (except Federation Force)
  • Samus & Chill

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One thought on “The Terrible Metroid Fusion | Episode 202

  1. I replayed this one recently and, yeah, it’s an absolute classic. I could complain it is overly guided for a Metroid game, but the design is excellent and its more straightforward nature makes it a nice little change of pace for the franchise. Plus, in terms of graphics, movement, and bosses it certainly tops the incredible Super Metroid.


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