Learning Life Lessons From Video Games feat. Jon Harrison – Episode 201

What if video games could teach you how to be successful in life?

Jon Harrison is a gamer, family man, and man of God. But he is also committed to helping people succeed. But what if we could learn keys to being successful from video games? Join Logan as he sits down with Jon Harrison to discuss his TEDx Talk, his book, Mastering the Game, and a little about his upbringing in a Presbyterian home.

Keep Up w/ Jon Harrison

Housekeeping (4:22)

What Have We Been Playing (5:11)

Jon dives in to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain for the first time, alongside Kirby’s Adventure on the NES to offset the dark, gritty tones of MGS. Logan boots up the indie Metroidvania, Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights.

Topic (14:44)

Here at TRG, we believe that everything has a worldview, including video games. From these worldviews, we’re engaging with truths and teachings but the question is: do they line up with Scripture? Jon takes a similar approach to video games in that they do indeed teach us something. But how can what we learn be used for success in the workplace and life in general? Jon’s message is so ingrained into his creativity and personality that he is committed to this through his blog and book, Mastering The Game. This is a fascinating conversation that shows video games have a place in today’s society for the greater good. Jon has also had an amazing upbringing and we get into discussing religion and faith.

Reco’s! (1:01:46)

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