Episode 199 – The Pro-Life Message of Death Stranding (feat. Matt Millsap and Henry Rigdon)

Death Stranding is arguably Hideo Kojima’s most polarizing game. But it’s one worth persevering through. Death Stranding is a game that is like an onion with some deep, deep layers. In this episode, Matt Millsap and Henry Rigdon join Logan to help peel back those layers to see if Death Stranding stinks or surprisingly smells like a rose.

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Housekeeping (5:56)

The Games We’ve Been Playing (7:53)

  • WarioWare: Get It Together
  • Tales of Arise
  • Metal Wolf Chaos XD

Topic (18:55)

Is Death Stranding designed to put forth a pro-life message? This is something that was noticeably absent from many reviews and reactions when it first came out. There was plenty of talk about how the game is a walking simulator in many a review but is Death Stranding merely a walking simulator? We here at TRG disagree and believe Death Stranding to be so much more.

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