Gaming in the Classroom w/ Henshin Dad | Episode 198

Can gaming be used to enhance education?

Episode 217 – The Winds of Change The Reformed Gamers

Like Playstation, TRG is Changing Playstation Plus announced it was changing things up some months ago: game trials, a 3 tier system, and classic games a la a Game Pass like service. More details have been revealed but is it worth the upgrade? Join Logan and TRG's new co-host, Micah, as they dig in. Timestamps 0:00 – Intro/What We're Playing 17:55 – Topic 1:00:19 – Patron Shoutouts 1:01:37 – Reco's & Closing Reco's & Links PS Plus Launches in June: PS Plus Game Lineup: Viking Squad: Uncharted movie: Support TRG As always, if you like what we do here at TRG, consider supporting the show over on Patreon to net yourself perks like early, uncut access to every new episode! Link to our Patreon is below! Connect With TRG You can catch up with TRG by following us on Twitter, Facebook, and join our Discord server for community game nights! Patreon: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube: Website: Discord:  
  1. Episode 217 – The Winds of Change
  2. Episode 216 – The Real Message of Final Fantasy VI (feat. Jon Harrison)
  3. Episode 215 – The Good and Bad of Elden Ring (feat. PastorDoostyn and Regener8d Radio)
  4. Episode 214 – What Makes Sea of Thieves Amazing (feat. ParrotMode)
  5. Episode 213 – Putting Down the Controller (feat. Jesse Knopp)

As school begins to start back up across the country, we brought on Henshin Dad himself, Wesley Rea, commemorating his 5th time on the podcast to discuss how teachers can use different aspects of gaming to enhance the classroom. If you’re an educator, new or veteran, you do not want to miss this episode.

What Have We Been Playing (06:15)

Wes brings back the Dark Ages by playing multiple Final Fantasy games. Logan can’t seem to stop playing Sekiro and Adam discusses his frustrations and highlights with the the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD.

 Topic (17:17)

Gaming has many applications. But did you know that gaming can be used in the classroom? The guys discuss gaming’s impact on education through gamification, discuss the different ways it’s implemented, as well as it’s use as a tool to connect with students.

Housekeeping (53:10)

Reco’s! (53:45)

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