Colin Moriarty Discusses Games Media, Catholic Roots | Episode 197

Colin Moriarty joins the show to discuss the changing culture of gaming journalism, his perspective on God, the Nintendo Gamecube, and more.

Colin Moriarty has been working in games media for nearly 20 years. Starting as a technical writer for IGN, Colin worked his way up to editor at IGN. Later, he would leave IGN for Kinda Funny and ultimately starting Last Stand Media, Colin has offered valuable insight into the world of gaming for years. In this episode, Colin shares about how reviewing games works, why Super Mario Sunshine is better than Super Mario 64, the hurdles conservatives face within games media, and more. Colin also shares about how his perspective on God has changed since Fireside Chats, where he released a series of episodes interviewing pastors, mormons, and Christians alike.

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Housekeeping (5:14)

What Have You Been Playing (10:34)

  • Colin gets into Scarlet Nexus’ high quality gameplay but agonizing anime tropes after discussing the latest Metroidvania, Elder Lilies. Trigger Witch also gets a fair amount of love in it’s unique “Legend of Zelda with guns” style gameplay.

Discussion (21:23)

  • We wasted no time getting into the discussion for this episode. Colin spends time discussing how reviews work for video games, as well as his stance on numbered ratings on reviews. We spend some time discussing the shift in culture of games media and ask if a conservative voice can even make it. From there, I ask Colin about his perspective on God, and if it’s changed since his series of episodes of Fireside Chats focusing on religion. We round out the discussion with questions submitted in by our Patreon supporters.

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