I’m Getting Rid of My Backlog

How I’m Going to Erase my Gaming Backlog, One Game at a Time

We all have one and we’re ashamed of it.

If you’ve been a gamer for any length of time, chances are you have built up something called a backlog. A backlog is described as a catalog of video games you have accumulated over time. They often sit on a shelf, or in a digital folder, unplayed, for long stretches of time. I’ve seen some members in the community mention that their backlog is 700 games and growing.

I won’t get into the Biblical side of the discussion surrounding backlogs here. But what I will say is that I’m tired of looking at my GG App Profile and seeing all the games I have not played staring back at me.

It’s time for a change.

I’m going to start playing the games on my backlog and I want you all to come with me. I’ll be writing regular, weekly updates as I work through my backlog. You’ll hear my thoughts on the game I am playing, how I came to hear about the game, and if I plan on finishing it. At any point, if I decide the game is not for me, I’m marking it as “Abandoned” and moving on to the next game. At the same time, if I think now is not the right season to play this game, I’ll mark it as “Shelved” and will return to it later on in the series.

My hopes for this series are twofold: I hope to finally erase my backlog while at the same time inspiring and encouraging other gamers to work through their backlog. As a matter of fact, if you’re working through your backlog, share what game you’re playing down in the comments below and tell me what you think of the game.

To kick things off, I’m going to start with the one game that has sat on my backlog for long enough. This game is one I have heard about for so long, and even read a great review by PSN Mike on Twitter that has convinced me to play the game. To start off this series, I’m going to be playing Hideo Kojima’s, Death Stranding. I know the Director’s Cut is coming soon but I still want to experience this game for myself and I’m not patient enough to wait for the extra DLC to release.

I’ll be tracking my progress on the GG App and you can follow along with me here.

I’ll also upload a new video to our YouTube channel and this website with my thoughts on the game I am playing.

Hopefully, by this time next year, I’ll be able to say I no longer have a backlog of games. If you want to take this journey with me, feel free to comment below and let’s get rid of our backlogs together.

3 thoughts on “I’m Getting Rid of My Backlog

  1. Finally started The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt last night (after watching the Netflix series and then reading the first 4 books, it was about time!) … but with limited gaming time each week it’s gonna be a while til I get done with it and tackle the rest of the too-large backlog.


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