Nintendo Switch OLED Announced – Coming Oct 8th

Nintendo takes an incremental approach for the next Switch model.

Early Tuesday morning, Nintendo dropped a trailer for the latest iteration of the Nintendo Switch – aptly named Switch OLED. Releasing on October 8th for $349.99, Switch OLED offers a number of modest, yet welcome improvements over the original model. As the name suggests, each Switch Pro will come packed with a 7″ OLED display, 64GB of internal storage, a LAN port for the dock, “enhanced audio”, and a new, wider kick-stand. The current Switch model sports a 6.2″ display and comes with only 32GB of internal storage.

Nintendo decided to escape the hustle and bustle of E3 week and simply dropped the new video on their YouTube channel somewhat unceremoniously. Not that the house that Mario built isn’t above mere E3 announcements – indeed they can drop an announcement anytime they want and all eyes will be locked in – but it was a shock after many expected the hardware to be shown off at this year’s E3 show.

After reports began swirling earlier this year that Nintendo was planning a 4K version of the Switch with improved internal specs, today’s announcement comes off as a bit of a disappointment for fans expecting to take a larger graphical leap when they boot up games like Breath of the Wild 2. While the upgrades that do exist are nice quality of life improvements, there’s no automatic home run here for players who already own a standard Switch, so ponying up $350 for what many claim to be only minor improvements seems like a tall ask. However, history has shown that Nintendo usually doesn’t have any problems selling through massive units of their hardware, so perhaps this is all hot air and fans will overwhelmingly support the new model. One thing is for sure – if fans want to get their hands on a new Switch OLED, they better have their pre-ordering fingers ready to press F5 in order to beat the rush and snag one for themselves.

Whether you’re looking to purchase it on day 1 or are miffed at the lack of improvements, let us know what you think of the Switch OLED in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch OLED Announced – Coming Oct 8th

  1. Less like a Switch “Pro” and more like a Switch “XL”. As someone who’s used to buying Nintendo’s handhelds, this feels very reminiscent of GBA SP & 3DS XL. It’s a shame that Schreier / Bloomburg and all the YouTubers went crazy with the rumors and made this to be way more than it actually is, but that’s the price we gamers pay for DREAMING BIG.

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