Episode 194 – Eric Bailey Talks Retro Games, Game Development, and Christians on Social Media

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You may know Eric Bailey from viral tweets or read something he has written over on Nintendo Life or Hard Drive Mag. Perhaps, you’ve even played his game Octobug. In this episode, we’re excited to talk to Eric about being on social media, developing games, and writing some hilarious satire.

Housekeeping (1:50)

What Have We Been Playing (3:39)

Adam takes a swing at Mario Golf and contemplates abandoning Mass Effect 3. Logan delves into Final Fantasy XII while taking to the open seas in Sea of Thieves.

What Have We Been Reading (22:40)

The guys discuss how big God really is in both providence and sovereignty.

Topic (33:50)

As stated before, we got to sit down with Eric Bailey to discuss game development, what Christians can do better on social media, and some of his favorite games. You can check out Eric’s work and socials below:

Reco’s (1:13:51)

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