The Problem with Resident Evil Village feat. ReformedJedi | Episode 192

Has Resident Evil lost it’s way?

After beating Resident Evil Village 4 times, it’s time to discuss the game. Adam is out on vacation (aka avoids spooky games like vegetables) so Christian content creator, ReformedJedi, joins Logan on this episode to discuss the latest in the Resident Evil franchise. The game is a wild ride but it begs the question: has Village taken the RE series past the point of no return? We also discuss if the game is too violent, if there’s any redemptive themes, and some of the problems the game presents.

Housekeeping (3:36)

What Have You Been Playing (4:21)

Jedi and Logan share what makes Returnal good and bad. Logan also shares if Biomutant is worth picking up.

What Have You Been Reading (14:41)

Jedi digs back in to the Symphony of Scripture: Making Sense of the Bible’s Many Themes (after a few year hiatus from putting the book down). Logan gets in to Hebrews 13:7-9 as students graduate in his youth group and encourages them to remember their leaders.

Topic (21:37)

Resident Evil blazed a new trail in Resident Evil 7. Village continues this trend but also hits a few bumps in the road. Is Resident Evil Village one of the best in the series or does it flounder and stumble? Jedi and Logan also discuss if there are any redemptive uses of horror in entertainment. As always, there is a spoiler-free section of the topic and there is ample warnings before diving in to spoilers. Spoiler discussion begins at 32:53.

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