How Board Games Get Made with Adam Hill | Episode 191

Board Game Design, Building Community, and Our Desire to Belong

In a surprise turn of events, we managed to get Adam Hill (co-creator of Godspeed) on the show to discuss the behind-the-scenes of tabletop game creation. We also discuss his latest game, publishing company, and what makes tabletop games perfect for outreach.

Housekeeping (6:20)

What Have You Been Playing (7:40)

Adam teaches his son valuable life lessons in Mortal Kombat. Adam lives, dies, and repeats in Returnal. Logan braves the horrors of Resident Evil Village… 4 times.

What Have You Been Reading (35:30)

The guys discuss passages like Mark 9:14-27, Galatians 6:9-10, and Replanting.

Topic (53:00)

Adam Hill is a pastor but he is also a board game designer. Surprisingly enough, board games can be an effective tool for fostering community and reaching people where they’re at. Listen in as Adam shares insights on how board games are designed, what he learned from Godspeed, his new game, and ministry.

Patron Thank You’s! (1:38:28)

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