What Will Happen at E3 This Year? | Episode 190 The Reformed Gamers Podcast

Hot Summer Hype Nuggets, Batman!

Summer is quickly approaching as is E3. COVID forced cancellations and others to go online last year. How will that affect this summer? Join us as we discuss (and possibly prophesy) what will happen this summer in the gaming world.

Housekeeping (3:29)

What Have We Been Playing (4:59)

  • Micah puts on a tank top and races cars in Need for Speed. Adam swings for the fences in MLB The Show 21. Logan gives up on being an Avenger and gets weird with Neir Replicant.

What Have We Been Reading (25:11)

  • God’s sovereign plan is a mystery and can lead to frustration. All 3 books the guys are reading detail a different aspect of that and share an encouragement for those struggling.

Topic (39:13)

  • What will happen at this year’s E3? Adam hopes his Fantasy Draft will be spared, Micah gives a hot take on Mario, and Logan abandons hope for Metroid. The guys also share what delays they think will be announced and determine if E3 will come back in full swing or fizzle out into the abyss of irrelevance.

Reco’s (1:17:12)

  • Play an old Housemarque game (Resogun, Dead Nation, Matterfall, etc.)
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