Report: Nintendo Planning New 4K Switch with OLED Display

The latest hardware from Nintendo could arrive in time for the holidays.

Over the last 12 – 18 months there have been no shortage of “Switch Pro” rumors. The Switch just celebrated it’s 4th birthday and even hardcore Nintendo fans are beginning to agree that the handheld/console hybrid is starting to show it’s age. With Breath of the Wild 2 and the recently announced Pokemon Legends: Arceus pushing the Switch’s hardware limits, it’s widely believed that Nintendo has something brewing whether it be a “Switch Pro” or a full on Switch successor.

Adding fuel to the fire comes a fresh report out of Bloomberg that claims that an upgraded Switch model is indeed coming. According to the report the new Switch model will come packed with a new, slightly larger, 7-inch OLED display manufactured by Samsung. The screen will remain 720p resolution when in handheld mode, but will sport 4K output when docked to a TV. “Nintendo seeks to sustain a Switch lineup that continues to sell well against the Xbox and PlayStation, thanks to pandemic-era breakout hits like Animal Crossing and a chip crunch that’s plagued supply of rival devices”, Bloomberg reports.

Some fans may bemoan the fact that the display only hits 720p, but factor in the battery drain that a 1080p screen would have. There isn’t much to be gained visually for a 7-inch screen when compared to how much you would lose in battery life. If the reports are true, it’s probably a wise decision on Nintendo’s part to keep the handheld resolution at 720p while saving for the grand 4K experience on your larger home TV. All of this is, of course, still rumor until Nintendo officially announces something. It’s looking more and more likely that they’ll have something to talk about around June, the same time that production reportedly ramps up for this new model.

What do you think, deer readers? Are these reported specs enough for you to purchase a new Switch? Sound off in the comments below.

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