Episode 185 – Gametography: The New Art Form

Seeing Gaming Through A New Lens

As art changes and adapts over the years, new ways of doing traditional art adapts to new mediums. With the rise of photo modes in video games, we now have a new form of photography: gametography. If you have never heard of this phenomenon, then this is an episode you do not want to miss out on!

Housekeeping (3:54)

What Have We Been Playing (7:15)

Micah dives deeper into the Oldest House in Control: Ultimate Edition. Adam catches us up on all the games he’s played while away. Logan tests his ninja skills in Cyber Shadow.

What Have We Been Reading (24:38)

Micah catches us up on Gentle & Lowly. Adam discusses walking his growth group through Adopted for Life. Logan smashes idols in We Become What We Worship.

Topic (33:30)

More and more games are implementing Photo Modes. Is this a good thing? Join the crew as they discuss how they got into photo modes, if they think they are a fad, and how they’re being implemented well and not so well.

Check out these gametographers online:

Patron Thank Yous! (1:10:37)

Huge thank you to our patrons who ensure we can keep recording: Alex Castellanos, Andre Swann, Ashley Kronenbitter, Christopher Commander, Darryl Tavares, David B, David Henderson, Derek Smith, Jake Walker, James Barker, Jeffrey Jackson, Jimmy Changa, JoAnne Monroe,  Josh Broccolo, Kaleb, Kokorodaki, Mark Fromme, Matt Edwards, Matthew “White Chocolate” McDougal, Matt Millsap, Melvin Benson V, Micah Hendrick, Michael Toller, MrButts, Nate McKeever, Pastor Shea, Retro Rewind Podcast, Ryan1701e, Sam White, Samuel Colunga, Third Strongest Mole, WeathermanKeef, Wesley Rea, Xaviel Medina

Recos! (1:13:16)

  • Ramen (yes, the noodles)
  • Biblical Counseling Training Conference
  • Destiny 2
  • Prayer

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