Episode 184 – Guess Who: How Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation Will Succeed in 2021

Five Words: Master Chief Collection on Switch


As we head in to 2021, all eyes are on the big 3 of the gaming world. Just what is Xbox planning? Will we see God of War: Raganarok this year? Is this the year that Nintendo finally brings Metroid Prime Trilogy to the Nintendo Switch? We’re not sure but we’ll guess away anyway!

Housekeeping (2:09)

What Have We Been Playing (3:57)

Micah dives back in to the Oldest House in Control: Ultimate Edition on PS5. Turns out, it is quite the upgrade. Logan institutes the Dark Souls hour and waxes eloquent about how great the games are. He also beat Resident Evil 7 in an afternoon.

What Have We Been Reading (22:04)

Adam speaks through Micah and discusses Dane Ortlund’s “Gentle & Lowly”. Specifically how God is pleased to help us. Logan discusses a reading from Tim Keller’s “Counterfeit Gods” that details how idols bring destruction.

Topic (30:10)

We may not have the gift of prophecy but we are observant. Micah and Logan share their predictions of the things that Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo will do (or don’t do) in 2021. Sorry, Halo: Infinite.

  • Xbox Predictions (31:41)
  • Playstation Predictions (44:09)
  • Nintendo Predictions (56:08

Reco’s (1:11:34)

  • Play Concrete Genie
  • Check out the new content in Housekeeping

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