Episode 183 – Eden Remains: Arrival with Jeff Simmons

Witness The Beginning and Survive

Revelation Games just revealed their upcoming game, Eden Remains: Arrival. We brought the head of the studio, Jeff Simmons, on to discuss the game, working in game development, and why Christians need to engage entertainment.

Housekeeping (2:41)

What Have We Been Playing (5:10)

Jeff takes off to space in Elite Dangerous to hunt bounties. Logan takes on Dark Souls Remastered and comes out a stronger man than before.

What Have We Been Reading (15:16)

Jeff discusses starting his study on the trichotomy of mind, soul, spirit and Logan smashes some idols with G.K. Beale.

Topic (21:25)

Eden Remains: Arrival aims to tell you a Genesis-style story with a sci-fi backdrop as you survive on a barren planet. Jeff gives all the details on what players can expect from their upcoming game. We also got into a discussion about Christian content and why Christians cannot afford to ignore engaging, and influencing, the entertainment world.

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