Episode 180 – Best and Worst Deals of Black Friday 2020

Some Games Are Not Even Worth the Discount Price

There are a lot of games on discount for Black Friday. But not all games are worth it, even at the discounted price. Join Adam and Logan as they give you the deals you can’t miss, the deals to wait on, and the deals to help with those gift cards burning a hole in your wallet.

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Housekeeping (9:07)

What Have We Been Playing (11:45)

Adam gets into his time with the PS5, the mind-blowing new DualSense controller, Spider-Man: Miles Morales and more. Logan begins speaking in tongues trying to describe Destiny 2: Beyond Light and gets his name blocked in Call of Duty by Activision.

What Have We Been Reading (28:12)

The guys get into Proverbs 8 and Colossians 3, discussing the importance of getting into God’s Word and being thankful.

Topic (40:32)

TRG is here to help you save money. Below are the timestamps for the various deals we discuss:

  • Can’t Miss Deals (44:47)
  • Hard Pass Deals (50:58)
  • Hold! Deals (1:00:26)
  • Guilty Pleasure Deals (1:05:29)
  • “What Is You Doin’?” Deals (1:10:44)

To check out the spreadsheet the guys discussed in the episode, visit this link here.

Patron Thank You’s! (1:17:45)

The folks who help keep the show running! We are truly grateful for your continued support.

Reco’s! (1:19:24)

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