Sony Revamps PlayStation App For iOS, Android

A much needed make over is currently rolling out to mobile devices around the globe.

Yesterday Sony announced a long awaited upgrade to their PlayStation mobile app. To coincide with the release of the PlayStation 5, the new PlayStation app will compliment the new console in a few neat ways, but there’s also enhanced features for PS4 owners as well. In a PlayStation blog post Senior VP for Sony, Hideaki Nishino, sums it up, “…the PS App will begin to roll out globally through updates on iOS (12.2 or later) and Android (6.0 or later) mobile devices. The PS App introduces fresh features such as voice chat, native PS Store integration, and a smoother experience delivered in an all-new design.”

Aside from the fresh coat of paint, users can expect an integrated PS Store along with messages and parties coming back into the fold. In the past Sony had taken flack for separating features like messages into separate apps, so it’s nice to see them fold those back into the new PlayStation app. Here are the major highlights you can expect when first booting up the app:

  • Updated user interface – The first thing you’ll notice is the sleek new user interface of the redesigned PS App. The new home screen lets you quickly see what your friends are playing and access details about your recently played games, including your Trophy List.
  • Messages integration – For a unified experience, the PS Messages app feature will now be integrated in the updated PS App so you can seamlessly message your friends all in one place. As part of this integration, PS Messages will no longer be available as a standalone app. Your existing messages and threads in PS Messages will be carried over to the updated PS App.
  • Voice Chat and Party Groups – You can now create party groups from PS App, and voice chat with up to 15 other friends though your mobile phone. Also, a note to fans: the PlayStation team is looking into your feedback around the Parties changes introduced in the PS4 system software update 8.00. There are no updates to share today, but thanks for speaking up about your concerns – we’re listening and evaluating.
  • Natively integrated PlayStation Store and remote downloads – The new native PS Store experience enables fast and smooth shopping and browsing, with the ability to remotely download games and add-ons directly to your PS4 and PS5.
  • New features for PS5 – When PS5 arrives, you’ll be able to remotely launch games, manage storage on your console if you run out of space while downloading a game, and quickly sign in to PS5 straight from the PS App. 
  • All the latest PlayStation news – The Explore tab surfaces Official News from game developers and PS Blog content to help you stay up to date with the world of PlayStation. 

From my time spent with the app I can attest that the UI and performance are vastly improved over the old app (even on my older iPhone 8!). Navigation is intuitive and smooth. I could easily see who was online, check out my latest trophies (a must!), and navigate through sales on the PS Store. While I’m eager to see how the app interacts with the PS5 in regards to remote downloads and space management, everything I’m seeing so far is fantastic.



But tell us, Deer Reader! What do you think of the new PlayStation app? Can you see yourself using it going forward? Let us know in the comments.