Episode 178 – Ghost of Tsushima

The Ugly Reality of War

Adam and Micah hop on the mic in this episode to discuss Sucker Punch’s latest game, Ghost of Tsushima! As always with our spoilercasts, you can listen in on this episode until you are given the spoiler warning. At that point, you may choose to continue listening or hit pause so you do not spoil the game for yourself.

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Housekeeping (1:54)

What Have We Been Playing (6:02)

Adam is triple-jumping his way through the Super Mario 3D All Stars Collection with no fatigue in sight! Micah and Adam also discuss how Fall Guys has changed since launch and the new things added in Season 2.

What Have We Been Reading (24:49)

Thanks to fellow contributor, Wesley, Micah has gotten into Power Rangers comics. Adam discusses some new things he has learned from reading through the book of Ruth again. Did you know this one thing about Boaz?

Topic – Ghost of Tsushima (36:46)

Ghost of Tsushima is easily one of the best games of 2020. Find out why during this section of the show. As always, the guys will give adequate spoiler warnings to help you out.

Patron Thank You’s! (1:19:19)

Special thanks to all of our new Deer Patrons who signed up after the recording of this episode such as: Darryl, Xaviel, Matt, Isaac, and Jeffrey. Alongside those who continue to support us on Patreon like: Alex Castellanos, Andre Swann, Ashley Kronenbitter, Caleb Schmidt, Christopher Commander, Collin Gregory, David B, David Matthews, Derek Smith, Jake Walker, James Barker, Josh Broccolo, Kokorodaki, Mark Fromme, Matthew “White Chocolate” McDougal, Melvin Benson V, Micah Hendrick, Michael Toller, Nate McKeever, Retro Rewind Podcast, Sam White, Samuel Colunga,  Third Strongest Mole, WeathermanKeef, Wesley Rea

Reco’s! (1:31:00)

  • Get ready for Mandalorian Season 2 by Watching Star Wars Clone Wars

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