Destruction AllStars Predestined for February PS+ Release

PS5 owners will have to wait a few more months to get their hands on the promising destruction derby style game from Lucid Games.

Destruction AllStars was announced as a PS5 launch title during Sony’s reveal event last June. Since then the game, while promising looking, hasn’t exactly lit up the PlayStation fanbase. Titles such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales or Demon’s Souls has taken up most of the brain real estate for those looking to snag a new PS5 this November. Today in a PS Blog post, Sony explains that Destruction AllStars will be delayed until February, 2021 and that it will be free for all PlayStation Plus subscribers upon launch.

This is a pretty huge strategic shift in how Sony is handling Destruction AllStars – a game developed by Lucid Games (Need for Speed: Payback) and published under the new PlayStation Studios moniker. They are taking a $70 retail game and making it an added bonus to those who subscribe to PlayStation Plus. Many (including us here at TRG) are applauding the move since player base was a concern for a multiplayer game that was bumping up against some stiff competition at launch. “Destruction AllStars is… at its best when you’re competing with gamers online from all around the world. We want as many people as possible to experience the mayhem on PS5, and what better way to do that than to provide the game to our PlayStation Plus members?” the blog post summarizes.

Destruction AllStars will offer both individual hero and car gameplay in what can only be described as a Fortnite meets destruction derby style mashup. Lucid Games has also acknowledged the existence of custom built arenas for multi and singleplayer as well as a full cast of heroic characters to go along with your ride. Pair this with continued post-launch support by way of new modes and twists on existing modes and Destruction AllStars might just scratch your multiplayer itch this coming winter.

What say you, Deer Reader? Has Destruction AllStars gotten your attention with this news? Let us know in the comments.