Episode 177 – The Dawn of Next Gen

Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Discs

We around a month away from the next generation of console gaming! Join us as we break down everything we know about these consoles, what has us excited, and our plans going forward.

Housekeeping (4:07)

What Have You Been Playing (8:24)

The guys hop into Super Mario 3D All Stars to discuss everything they like about the games to everything they hate. Adam also vents in Among Us and Logan obtains his final Platinum of 2020.

What Have You Been Reading (29:26)

Adam discusses loving your community. Logan digs in to Philippians.

Topic (36:37)

Is there that big of a difference between the Xbox Series X and PS5? What is there to play at launch on these systems? Is the Xbox Series X really that hot? Join the guys as they break down everything we know about these new consoles and help you decide on which one to pick up.

Reco’s (1:28:17)

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