Episode 176 – Best Of Xbox One

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Hello, all of your new Deer Listeners!

Finishing up our Best Of series, Logan is joined by one of the admins of the TRG Facebook group, Steven, and his daughter. Together, they rank their Top 10 Best Games of the Xbox One. It turns out that Xbox One does, indeed, have great an impressive roster of games to check out. And most of them are on GamePass. We also share if we managed to preorder one of the new consoles.

Housekeeping (6:01)

What Have We Been Playing (8:46)

Steven talks about the new Battletoads (available on GamePass) and spending quality time in Apex Legends with his daughter. Logan terrorizes space colonies in Outer Worlds. He also gets very honest about Super Mario 64’s lack of polish.

What Have We Been Reading (18:28)

Steven and his daughter discuss what they’ve been reading in family worship. Logan shares part of his message to students from Philippians 4:6 on anxiety and prayer.

Topic (24:19)

Perhaps you’re new to the Xbox ecosystem and are looking for something to play. Maybe you’re curious if you’ve missed something. This episode, we give our definitive Top 10 Best Of games on the Xbox One.

Patron Thank You’s! (1:31:12)

As always, we are grateful for our Deer Patrons who support us on Patreon every month. Without them, our controllers would not stay charged, and Logan would cease to obtain Platinum trophies.

Reco’s! (1:33:13)

  • Xbox Cloud Gaming
  • Microsoft Rewards
  • Play All the Games
  • Check Out the Website

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