Microsoft Announces Series X/S Launch Details, Game Pass Enhancements

Microsoft Outlines Launch Details for Their Systems

After months of posturing and hype, Microsoft has finally unveiled launch details for the Xbox Series X and S. The silence was broken Wednesday morning when the Microsoft Twitter account made it official.

There you have it. The Xbox Series X will launch with a $499 price tag while the Series S will come in at a competitive $299. Both consoles will launch on November 10th with pre-orders going live on September 22nd. 

Microsoft was somewhat backed into a corner as leaks about pricing and a release date started oozing from several different sources over the Labor Day weekend. The leaks culminated with Microsoft confessing that the Xbox Series S would indeed cost $299. 

Additionally, Microsoft announced that EA Play, EA’s take on a game subscription service, will come packed in with Game Pass Ultimate at no extra cost to the consumer. This gives Game Pass Ultimate subscribers access to all EA Play games which only helps bolster the increasingly impressive Game Pass lineup. 

With aggressive pricing for both consoles, Microsoft is certainly poised to make waves in the next gen space, but they aren’t stopping there. The Big Green is also offering tempting financing for each console. Via it’s “All-Access” program, Microsoft is offering an Xbox Series S console with 2 years of Game Pass Ultimate for $25/mo for 24 months. The Xbox Series X and 2 years of Game Pass Ultimate can be had for $35/mo for 24 months.

This is an outstanding proposition and aligns perfectly with Microsoft’s overall vision of getting as many players into their ecosystem as possible. They want to lower the barrier to entry and offer a great selection of games. Now that Microsoft has made the first move, attention now shifts to Sony to see if they can match or exceed pricing expectations.

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