Did The New Xbox Series S Announcement Put Sony In An Awkward Position?

Do you prefer 24k gold or Platinum?

After leaks of the Xbox Series S hit the internet this weekend, Xbox confirmed it in a tweet on Tuesday.

Touting it as “the smallest Xbox ever” and “next gen performance” at a tantalizing $299 price point, it was quite the announcement. This is the first price point we have seen for one of the next generation consoles. Which begs the question: what about Sony and their upcoming PS5? Well, this is where it takes a different turn.

Truly Exquisite, a brand based in Britain that specializes in luxury personalized technology, announced when you could pre-order their customized PS5.

To read the full announcement, head on over to their website: https://www.trulyexquisite.co.uk/24k-gold-ps5

While I certainly won’t be pre-ordering one, it’s an odd announcement when juxtaposed to Xbox’s announcement. It’s worth keeping in mind that this announcement did not come directly from Sony. We still do not know when pre-orders will go live for PS5, only that you can save a spot to pre-order one when pre-orders go live. It is easy to have a knee-jerk reaction and slam Sony on this one. Given the impulsive nature of social media, I’m sure many are doing so. But considering this is an announcement from a luxury brand (that does not advertise when the console would ship by the way), we will await Sony’s announcement.

Are you excited about the Xbox Series S? How much do you think the Xbox Series X and PS5 will cost? Let us know in the comments below.

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