Episode 175 – Best Of Playstation 4

The Must Play Games of the PS4 Era

As we begin getting ready for the next generation of gaming, join us as we revisit some of our favorite games of the PS4 era.

Housekeeping (4:36)

What Have We Been Playing (7:27)

Adam and Logan gush over Ghost of Tsushima’s story. Adam also dives into “A Short Hike”, a charming and relaxing indie title. Logan gains a new Platinum, breaks down why Destroy All Humans is perfect for 2020, and briefly goes over Manifold Garden.

What Have We Been Reading (18:32)

Adam discusses the surreal and relevant writings of C.S. Lewis’ “The Screwtape Letters”. Logan finished “If God, Why Evil?” by Norman Geisler and learned Norman Geisler is staunchly anti-Calvinist.

Topic (26:08)

With the PS5 on the horizon, and considering the new PS4 owners in the community, we take the time to rank our Top 10 “Best Of” games on the PS4. Let us know what yours are on our social media platforms!

Reco’s! (1:21:39)

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