Episode 174 – The Last of Us Part 2 w/ Matt Millsap

How do you determine right from wrong when the lines get blurry?

We are discussing one of 2020’s most polarizing titles: The Last of Us Part 2. Matt Millsap of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary joins us to help break down the game’s themes from a Biblical worldview. If you have not played the game, and don’t want spoilers, finish the game first before listening. For everyone else, dive right in.


What Have We Been Playing

Matt and Adam both discuss the latest Sony exclusive: Ghost of Tsushima and have a lot of good to say. Fall Guys comes up and Logan discusses what it’s like diving back into Destiny 2.

What Have We Been Reading

Matt discusses Patrick Schreiner’s new book, “The Ascension of Christ”. Adam digs into “Abide in Christ” by Andrew Murray as he gets ready to preach. Logan gives thoughts on “If God, Why Evil?” by Norman Geisler.

Topic – The Last of Us Part 2

Normally, you could listen to the first part of this section and be okay. But since Logan forgot what is and isn’t a spoiler, it’s best to avoid this section entirely if you do not want the game spoiled. Don’t worry, Deer Ear Protective Services will give you a heads up on when to press pause.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 174 – The Last of Us Part 2 w/ Matt Millsap

  1. Hi Guys, I appreciate the discussion.
    I wonder how — from a christian point of view — you take into account the large amount of profanity and confrontation with fear in this game? I personally wonder if as a christian we could/should recommend this game to anyone. I commend the guy who stopped playing after 8 hours, I think I even continued playing too long because the story-line is so compelling and possibly even addictive. I’m very curious about your thoughts on these points.


    1. Hey, Jeroen! Thanks for listening to the episode. I think you can enjoy a game while at the same time disapprove of certain aspects. You hear this come out later in the discussion. Matt, specifically, drives it home after I ask if he would recommend the game. I, personally, don’t recommend it because, outside of the visuals, I just think it is not that great of a game for a variety of reasons. Hope that helps!


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