Episode 173 – Xbox Games Showcase (TRG Reacts)

Xbox’s New Offerings and a Glimpse at Their Future

Xbox recently unveiled an eclectic showing of games coming to Xbox Series X, including the hotly anticipated: Halo: Infinite! Join us this week as we discuss the showcase as well as break down Xbox’s strategy for the next generation.

Housekeeping (4:19)

What Have We Been Playing (7:55)

Adam meditates in a hot spring about his thoughts on Ghost of Tsushima. Logan finally gets good in Dark Souls Remastered and hordes all the loot in Destiny 2.

What Have We Been Reading (20:05)

Adam discusses his time with a new commentary on Colossians by Warren Wiersbe. He also discusses “I Am Still Here” by Austin Channing Brown, an autobiography from a black woman’s perspective growing up. Logan discusses his time going through the book of Psalms, specifically Psalms 1 about the importance of being rooted in the Bible.

Topic (30:20)

The time of next gen is drawing closer and closer! Recently, Xbox showcased a variety of games that are coming to their new Xbox platform, as well as Game Pass! We break down some of the highlights and serve up some spicy-hot takes regarding Xbox’s ambitious new strategy. Plus, Logan gushes over Halo: Infinite because OH MY LANTA! A GRAPPLE HOOK?!?! LETS GOOO!!

Reco’s! (1:14:42)

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